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Want to connect with your spouse? I’ve recently become kind of a neurology nerd, particularly in the area of how our brains function in relationship

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Distracted Parenting…

Distracted Parenting… Can We Be More Present? By: Giselle Armantrout Is your phone a distraction? We see this scenario played out everyday everywhere! Mothers &

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Infidelity: A Modern Malady?

How does infidelity enter a marriage?  It’s usually years in the making… By: Michael Waldrip Most couples opt for monogamy. And with this decision there

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Marriage in a Funk?

Are You Prioritizing Your Relationship? By: Giselle Armantrout If I had a dollar for every time a couple told me they were in a funk

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We are Moving!

Back to the Eastbank Our practice is growing and expanding, so much so that we need a new office.  So as of July 1 we

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Relationship Counseling – Is it for you?

New Orleans Relationship Counseling Many people attend therapy – not because their crazy – but rather to improve their most important relationships.  Decreasing conflict, improving communication, getting

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