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Benefits of Pain

Embracing Loss and Grief (to receive the benefits of pain) There are 300 million prescriptions per year worldwide for pain-killers. 220 million of those are

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A note to Dads…

Dads – you are vital in your home.   Your family and kids NEED YOU.  They need you to provide food & shelter (and movie

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Summer Parenting Challenge

Summer Parenting Challenge Ahhhh, Summer is in the air!  The trees have budded, the grass is growing, the thunderstorms are rolling, and the kids are

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Kids’ Chores

Age Appropriate Chores for Your Kids It takes a lot of work to run a home!  And remembering that one goal of parenting is to

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Couples Counseling Near Me…

Thinking of Couple’s Counseling? While there are lots of great counselors, therapists, social workers, psychologists, and other helping professionals in the New Orleans area, not

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Social Media Vacation

Is your connection to your phone causing disconnection with your partner? First, let me be clear, I love my phone.  It’s filled with so much

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Male Friendships

“I have friends…” and other half-truths men tell themselves Recently a friend called me unexpectedly.   Him: “Bro, I’m having neck surgery tomorrow.  Just thought

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