Couples Counseling in Metairie

It happens to the best of us. 

At one point in our lives, the person we are entering into a relationship or marriage seems like the answer to our needs. Their existence is akin to a blessing, their actions are the epitome of happiness, and their company is the picture of joy itself.

But down the line, the very individual may transform into the bane of our existence. Not only can their significant actions become hurtful, but their specific habits may also turn to great annoyances. More often than not, it doesn’t make either party a lousy person. In most cases, it is just a matter of unforeseen circumstances. 

However, all is not lost in most situations. There is much to be salvaged and put back together of what once was an ideal companionship. Fortunately, if you want to go down the path of restoring your relationship, you can turn to couples counseling for professional help. 

As an established branch of psychotherapy, couples therapy refers to the way of providing simultaneous counseling to both individuals in a relationship. This modality helps in discussing your grievances under an experienced professional with an objective view of your situation. This aspect ensures that your talks don’t escalate into arguments, while also exploring what’s troubling you and your partner in seeking domestic bliss.

At Dr. Matt Morris, The Relationship Doctor, we have many years of experience performing couples therapy in Metairie through evidence-based approaches. Whether you want to make way for a better marriage or need to resolve underlying issues, our licensed therapists are here to help.

Why Couples Therapy Changes Lives

Couple counseling can help you identify signs of emotional, physical, and mental distress in your relationship with an intensive focus on conflict resolution and transparency. This makes sure that you and your partner are both aware of how your actions affect your significant other, and how you can ensure to be a better spouse or partner for each other. 

Since constant communication plays a significant part in establishing the core of any relationship, this approach goes a long way in strengthening your marriage or your romantic partnership. Whether you have cherished a few years of being together or have only enjoyed each other’s company for a short time, couples therapy can help you change your partner’s lives for the better. 

It’s because this branch of therapy doesn’t only help you learn about massive problems in your relationship. Still, it also assists you in understanding the small things that often go unnoticed. 

By learning what makes your spouse or partner’s day or what breaks it to pieces, you can always ensure to know how to make them happy. By identifying what works in the bedroom and what falls apart for the other, you can provide to bring newfound joy to your life. And by getting familiarized with what may rub your significant other the wrong way, you can avoid upsetting them through your daily lives. 

Couples counseling helps when you and your partner have drifted away from each other to the point of showing aggression through everyday situations. It is helpful even while living apart from each other or standing on the verge of divorce. During this time, targeted therapy can help you remember why you came together in the first place and how you could reconnect after experiencing a few bumps on the road. 

At Dr. Matt Morris, also known as The Relationship Doctor, we specialize in offering couples therapy in Metairie through licensed therapists who have experience in managing a wide variety of relationship conflicts and situations. By combining this expertise with evidence-based techniques, we can ensure to help you and your partner make your way through difficult situations. 

The Benefits of Couples Therapy

Apart from addressing certain problems and solving passive-aggressive behavior, couples therapy also helps you find a sense of openness, peace, and newfound passion in your relationship. 

During our many years of practicing couples therapy, we have seen a large number of couples benefiting from this modality in a variety of ways. 

Some of the most obvious advantages of couples therapy include: 


  • Hearing things that are often left unsaid. During any relationship, it’s common to bottle up thoughts and emotions until they become harmful. Since couples therapy is considered a safe space, you and your partner feel comfortable saying things that you otherwise won’t share in an everyday situation. This allows you to be more open and transparent with each other.


  • Understanding each other’s worldview. Couples counseling helps you understand each other’s thought processes and allows you to learn where you stand on fundamental issues. Since you come to know each other’s stance on major aspects of life, it becomes easier for you to make crucial decisions together without being surprised by your difference in opinion.


  • Airing and resolving grievances safely. Couples therapy allows you to discuss your issues in a safe space. This gives you the chance to talk about things that may be driving you and your partner up the wall. This is a significant advantage for couples who are on rocky roads more often than not, or who are currently on the brink of ending their relationship.


  • Acclimating with each other’s ideals. Couples therapy gives you the chance to understand what kind of ideals your partner holds you up to. This ensures that you can do your best to fulfill their expectations or discuss them safely in case they deem to be unrealistic to you. This also applies the other way around and lets your partner understand or debate your expectations. 


  • Seeing things from an objective view. Going to a reliable therapist is akin to hiring a personal moderator. They help you see things objectively and allow you and your partner to reach a middle ground on issues where you can’t reach across to each other. This enables you to understand each other’s specific point of view on certain topics.


Since every couple is different, you may also find other benefits within couples counseling for yourself and your partner. But one thing is for sure: Couples therapy helps you form a profound bond that doesn’t come without this specialized branch of talk therapy. 

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