New Goals for 2023

It’s a new year, a new chapter. Yes – we have turned a page, have a fresh canvas, and a new beginning has arrived.

It is notable that many resolutions are focused on abstinence. I have personally found greater success in achieving new goals if they are grounded in a positive light, in a forward direction, and are small and measurable. I aim to look ahead to the new, assuming the best days are yet to come.

Add a lemon slice to an extra glass of water each day. Call a friend for a 15-minute chat every three days. Attempt to take a leisurely walk with a significant other twice a week, exploring a new path each time. Perhaps you could devote 15 minutes each day to reading an interesting article or book.

Most of us have personal failings we would like to address in this time of moral reflection. As we venture into 2023, we must expect some obstacles, for we are human and therefore prone to occasional stumbles. In our pursuit of self-improvement through this fresh lens, we are also reminded to give thanks for all that we have been grateful for in 2022.

Let’s use last year’s successes as our personal encouragement for continued growth. In the new year, we must set reasonable goals, as we are bombarded with king cakes, Valentine’s Day expectations, and tax deadlines. Indulging in one slice every so often, doing a kind deed each week for someone suffering, and designating one upcoming rainy afternoon to get 2022 paperwork in order seems like an achievable plan!
“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” – EE Cummings.
If you are struggling to launch in this new pursuit or are perhaps still charting your course, I would be happy to join you. Call me at 504-339-3597. Let’s get moving!

Best of 2023,




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