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Talking to your kids about…

Race, Culture, and Ethnicity Kids notice differences in other people. They are not “colorblind” as some adults like to pretend, and thank God, since all

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Relationship Bootcamp

30 Days to Revolutionize your Relationship! Hit a rough patch or plateau in your most intimate relationship?  If so, don’t freak out, just take 30 days

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What is Relationship Therapy?

Many people attend therapy – not because their crazy – but rather to improve their most important relationships.  Enhancing relationships and decreasing conflict are generally the focus

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Alone Together

Technology impacts our families. From automobiles to dishwashers, from microwaves to DirectTV, from AOL to iPads, all of our really cool technological advances have had

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Toddlers & iPads

How much is too much? Studies show that over 50% of US kids now have access to an iPad or similar touch-screen device. That means

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Beyond Sexting

Beyond Sexting Using your phone to improve your relationship We all know our personal technology – our phones and tablets can be the cause of

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Welcome Mardi Gras…

Mardi Gras – A Family Holiday! Most non-New Orleanians are surprised when I describe our city as “family-oriented.”  And nothing proves how family friendly NOLA

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Relationship Resolutions

You’re probably feeling the pressure to come up with a couple of personal New Year’s resolutions, but what about relationship resolutions?  When you think about

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