Dr. Reshelle C. Marino

from the beginning

As a former school counselor and current supervisor of school counselors, I aspire to assist and support families with school-related challenges. I can serve as a liaison for families to interface with their child’s school. Outside of school-related concerns, on an individual and familial basis, it is my belief that counseling can provide opportunities to learn, to be supported, to be challenged, to grow, and to become resilient. My hope for all clients is to overcome adversities and make meaning of life experiences. Everyone deserves happiness and it is my goal to assist in that process. I work from a culturally-competent position, view client concerns through a systemic lens, and tailor clinical interventions that are developmentally appropriate and client-specific. I conceptualize clients and the counseling process much like that of a flower garden. Sometimes flowers wilt, and with a little sunshine, water, and vitamins they can fully bloom. 

Overview And Experience


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  • Consultant to parents for managing school-related concerns
  • Counseling children, adolescents, and families
  • Behavioral concerns
  • Anxiety 
  • Panic disorders
  • Human Trafficking
  • Communication skills
  • Parenting skills
  • Grief and loss
  • Counseling for provisionally licensed mental health professionals
  • Expressive and play-based counseling 

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I earned a Ph.D. specializing in Counselor Education from the University of New Orleans, and I have been licensed in the state of Louisiana as a Professional Counselor (LPC) since 2010. I am also a board-approved supervisor to counselors. I have worked full-time as an Associate Professor of Counseling at Southeastern Louisiana University since 2013 where I train and support future counselors into the profession. I love what I do and look forward to many more years of learning and growing in all possible ways. 


Contact me directly at 504-450-5940