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The caller said, “I don’t know what to do about my family.”  That’s how it usually starts, with a phone call…

Some clients are worried about their relationship.  Some are concerned about their kids, or career, or spouse, or parents, or uncertainty, or regret, or loss, or productivity.  Some aren’t even sure exactly what’s up, but they’re certain something’s not right.  But all of them come into our office, exhale, and begin to make sense of their circumstances. 

Together, my associates and I are family therapists to some of New Orleans’ most distinguished families.

We listen. We challenge. We support. We seek to do it all with honesty and compassion. And it’s all private. We’ve helped families reduce conflict, reignite intimacy & sex, cope with loss, navigate divorce, parent more effectively, deal with addiction, and manage the stress of life and business.

Dr. Matt Morris & Associates

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Dr. Matt Morris

Randi Henriques

Aimee Kitchen

Gabriella Nata

Dr. Reshelle Marino

Mike Stancil

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