Podcast: Thinking of getting married? Good!

Maybe it’s just that time of year, but I’ve been thinking a lot about premarital counseling lately.  In fact, next weekend I’m going to participate in my first bridal expo to showcase the “Building Us” program that combines 6 premartial counseling sessions with 4 booster sessions to assist the newly married couple during their first year of marriage.  I hear couples describe their premarital counseling as lasting 1 weekend or a few hours of discussion with their minister.  I’d love it if people thought of premarital counseling as a supportive service that follows the couple past their wedding and well into their first few years of marriage, as they encounter the predictable bumps of matrimony.  With that in mind, I developed the following podcast the help prepare couples for what the will experience in premarital counseling.  Many of you know friends and family that are preparing for marrriage – feel free to share the link!

What to Expect in Pre-Marital Counseling – Dr. Matt Morris




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