Support the Bride… and the Groom

I spent the weekend at a Bridal Expo meeting brides-to-be, their friends, their moms, and a few to-be-husbands.  First of all, it was great to meet so many people who are so excited about being in a serious, loving, committed relationship!  Another thing of note was just how many of the brides had an entourage of support along with them.  Some supporter carried swag and bags; some filled out forms.  Others encouraged and offered words of advice

The challenge is to keep and use that support beyond the wedding, and long into the MARRIAGE.

Every marriage needs support, particularly a young one.  And while it’s natural to support a young bride or couple while they’re planning their marriage, it’s even more critical to support them during the first years of marriage

So, I ask all of you to commit to supporting a young couple in your life.  Look around, someone needs you.  And if you’re wondering how… try the following ideas: 1. Call them on occasion to specifically ask how the relationship is going.  Offer your listening ear as a warm, supportive sounding board. 2. Try not to take sides.  Listen, support, but they generally don’t need you to take sides or bad-mouth the other partner.  Just encourage them to think about how they could respond to make things different. 3. You might begin by simply sending them this post with a note that says “thinking of you guys!  Let me know if I can do anything to help!”


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