New Goals for 2023

It’s a new year, a new chapter. Yes – we have turned a page, have a fresh canvas, and a new beginning has arrived. It is notable that many resolutions are focused on abstinence. I have personally found greater success in achieving new goals if they are grounded in a positive light, in a forward […]

Coping with Teen Anxiety

Teen anxiety is an increasingly common problem and can have a significant impact on a young person’s mental health. It can manifest itself in myriad ways, from difficulty sleeping to feelings of social isolation or depression. Teens may also find themselves unable to concentrate or focus on tasks, suffer from low self-esteem, and feel overwhelmed […]

A Letter From Dr. Reshelle C Marino

Are you a parent that has concerns about your child’s performance in school? Do you wish your child’s school could do more to help your child succeed? Do you feel like your child only has problems at school but you don’t know what to do about it? Do you find it a challenge to communicate […]

Winter CEUs Workshop in Ethics, Diagnosis, & Teletherapy

  Join Dr. Roy A. Salgado & Dr. Matt Morris for their winter workshop, providing clinicians with the necessary skills and CEUs. BOOK NOW! Winter CEUs Workshop in Ethics, Diagnosis, & Teletherapy A training course for LPCs and LMFTs in Louisiana with Two (2) 1.5-hour CEU sessions conducted live by Zoom 3hrs total). Legal, Ethical, […]

“The Betweens” and Feeling Stuck in Grief

I have come to see that life is a continuum of losses, with many interjected seasons of joy along its sometimes painful journey. Such respites can be called “the betweens”. These are celebrated and can bring much needed balance to our wounded spirits. The respites enable us to deeply appreciate the best in truly living. […]

Couples Therapy…. EFT Style

What is EFT- Emotional Focus Therapy? Emotional Focus therapy is a well-known humanistic and experiential approach created by Dr. Sue Johnson in the 1980s. EFT is considered to be a cutting-edge intervention/model that has been both tested and proven when working with couples, individuals, and most recently families. This model is considered to be the […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Conversations on Kid-Free Date Nights

This blog exceprt was originally published in an article by Amy Gabriel titled “Move over Zoom and Facetime, Date Night is Back” for New Orleans Magainze, September 2022. You can read the digital article here. The kids are happy at home with the babysitter, and you are out on the town with your significant other. How […]

How can parents better prioritize their children’s mental health this school year?

As an adolescent therapist, I often make light of the fact that my work schedule revolves around high school football coaches or dance team competitions. I half-jokingly express my frustration to others that the biggest threat and obstacle to continuing progress with my clients is a change in their extracurricular activities. My consistent busiest time […]

A Letter of Advice to High School Graduates

Picture This: Your hometown high school has invited you back to graduation. You’ve been asked to give that iconic annual keynote address to this sea of graduates. What would you say to them?  Or better yet, like me, you have a kid about to go off to college.  What parting words would you like to […]

Are You Prioritizing Your Relationship?

If I had a dollar for every time a couple told me they were in a funk and they were not feeling “in love” in their relationship, I could take a trip to Europe! How do relationships get to this yucky spot of not feeling in love…. losing connection & emotional responsiveness? Couples get stuck […]