How Couples Can Utilize Teletherapy to Fit Their Busy Schedules

It’s easy to see the benefits of therapy has on a couple. Therapy provides you with a chance to discuss your feelings and concerns in a safe space with a professional trained in facilitating dialogue. It is also a process, so it is unlikely that everything will be wrapped up after one session. Sometimes, though, actually being able to go to therapy can be difficult for many different reasons. That’s where teletherapy shines.

Utilizing Teletherapy

With teletherapy you do not need to leave your home, work, or wherever you feel most comfortable speaking with your therapist. Teletherapy becomes convenient and can solve issues such as transportation and childcare, which may prevent someone from attending a therapy session.

Here are some great benefits and examples of how couples are using teletherapy to improve their relationships:



  • Eliminates the commute and disruption of your workday. Couples can regularly attend virtually by teleconference, even if they’re only a few miles away. It’s easy to hop into a zoom session during a lunch break and then pop back into work.
  • Provides therapy for those that travel for work. Whether you’re stuck in the CBD, a hospital, a school, or Baton Rouge, you can still attend your weekly session with teletherapy. (And avoid the late cancellation fee).
  • Ensures childcare needs are met. Childcare provider canceled? Home with a sick kid? Your kid needs to be home and needs you there with them, but you also need to be in therapy. Teletherapy allows you to be home with your child and still receive support from your counselor.
  • Provides consistency when there are weather concerns.  It may rain. It may rain a lot. And the streets might flood. Teletherapy is an easy way to stay active in counseling and not miss a week or be charged a late cancellation fee while remaining at home or work pending a weather event.
  • Eliminates driving burnout for commuters. Live or work 30 minutes away from the office, such as Northshore, Westbank, or River Parishes? Teletherapy allows you to attend in person sometimes, but not every time. 
  • Deescalates conversations in times of high conflict. Conflict may be so high that talking through a screen helps provide some security. The therapist can mute either one of you if needed (wink).
  • Supports evacuees in emergency situations. Hopefully, you are safe and sound during an evacuation, and that we’re only displaced a few days. But in the event that you really need support, or we’re all out of town for a couple of weeks, therapy can continue using teletherapy.
  • Transition periods. Moving to a new town in Louisiana and needing help during the transition? You may want to stay with us as a provider for now but may eventually move to a local therapist in time. Teletherapy enables us to travel along with you to your new residence.
  • Provides therapy access for outside communities. Located in another part of the state? Driving to New Orleans may not be feasible, but you may like the privacy of meeting with someone, not in your community. Or you may enjoy our specialization that isn’t found in your local community.

Can Teletherapy Work for You?

In an age where people spend hours per day online working, shopping, browsing websites, and scrolling through social media, it makes sense that mental health counseling can also be done through online video conferencing or over the phone. Teletherapy is convenient for both therapist and client and is just as effective as in-person counseling.

Teletherapy allows clients to continue their therapy sessions from the comfort of their home or other safe space. Their mental health needs can still be met by their therapist, but teletherapy eliminates the traveling and safety risk requirement. It is a personal decision that should be discussed with your therapist to see if it can be the right option for you. As a profession, we’ve been using teletherapy a decade before the pandemic, and we’ll be using it for decades to come.  It’s a great option for many clients for various reasons.


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