Breaking through Barriers and Increasing Life Satisfaction

Change and growth are difficult. There is a variety of reasons we don’t do either. A lack of time is usually high on the list. As are lack of resources, lack of direction, or lack of motivation. How then do we get started on a new path for ourselves? How do we manage to push through […]

3 Ways to Stop Fighting with Your Teen

3 Ways to Stop Fighting with Your Teen by: Jazmin Gutierrez Adolescence is characterized by striving for independence during a stage in which the majority of their life is out of their control. Teenagers are frustrated by this, and often try to gain a sense of control in any way they can. Parents serve as […]

Diagnosis, Ethical Issues, and Family Counseling in Teletherapy

Telehealth carries unique ethical challenges, especially when your individual or family client is located in another state. Our training covers the benefits of teletherapy and how you can use it to its full potential. You will learn not only the laws and ethics of teletherapy, but also how to assess, diagnose, and manage sessions with multiple […]

Benefits of Quitting

I’m no quitter. I AM NO QUITTER. “Never quit. Never stop.” “Quit shouldn’t be in your vocabulary.” “As long as you keep going…” “Even if you fall on your face you’re moving forward” “Rehab is for quitters!”           Quitters never win, and winners never quit – Vince Lombardi … (well, maybe […]

Axioms of Relationship

Axioms of Relationship Everyone’s seeking satisfying relationships.  Spouses, parents, and co-workers all want the same thing – satisfaction.  I have spent a great deal of time and energy helping people find more satisfaction in their relationships (cue The Stones).  In fact, most of what I now believe to be true about relationships has been taught to […]

Simple Strategies for Investing in Your Relationships, Money Edition

“Finances are generally not the main reason for divorce, but they’re a huge part of the conflict that can lead to divorce.” – Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT     The SIMPLE Money Edition series, Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT, and Erik Garcia, CFP® provide you with a simple, practical, and tactical strategy for overcoming your […]

Simple Strategies for Investing in Your Relationships

Every week Dr. Matt Morris, LPC, LMFT and Erik Garcia, CFP® end the show with the encouragement to “Invest in Your Relationships.” But how? How do you invest in something that feels intangible? It’s SIMPLE. The Simple series provides you with simple, everyday, practical, and tactical strategies for investing in your relationships and Building Us. […]

5 Things I wish I Knew Before Starting My Private Practice

I started a private counseling practice with a file cabinet and a key that unlocked a door to a room I had access to every Friday from 8am to Noon.  I may be embellishing a bit, but that’s how I remember it.  It was late 2007, and although I was a new full-time professor, my […]

Building You: Launch & Grow Your Private Practice

Calling all Private Practice Professionals. I am Dr. Matt Morris and myself and the rest of the team are so excited about being with you for the Building You Private Practice workshop. This workshop is designed to empower you to build the private practice of your dreams. You know how to be a great counselor. […]

Building Families: Meet Life Bosses

Ashley Angelico and Elizabeth Schmelling built New Orleans’ premiere digital parenting resource. Serving both residents and visitors to New Orleans, Ashley and Elizabeth have become ambassadors for New Orleans and advocates for families. “Finding stories and local moms who have experienced the same thing, to help you feel that you’re not on this journey alone…To advocate for yourself, […]