Covid-19 Office Precautions

1.The Building

  1. Building management has worked hard throughout the pandemic to clean and sanitize the building regularly (the building has always been very clean).  

  2. Anyone experiencing symptoms of covid-19 or other communicable illness are asked to avoid entering the building.  

  3. Masks and social distancing are required to enter the building and in any common spaces within the building. 

  4. All public spaces, including restrooms and elevators are cleaned regularly.  Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building. 

2.Our Suite

  1. Face coverings are required to enter the suite.

  2. We have a low-traffic private suite located on the fourth floor, near the stairwell for those choosing to enter and/or exit via stairs.  

  3. The furniture in our waiting area is spaced to allow for social distancing. If preferred, clients may also wait in the hallway or their vehicles until their appointment time. 

  4. We work to schedule clients to prevent overlap in the waiting area.  

3.The Sessions

  1. Teletherapy using a private and secure Zoom login is available at any time in the event that either the clinician or the client(s) feels ill. 

  2. In-person sessions are conducted in ventilated office spaces with furniture spaced at least 6 feet apart.  Masks may be worn during the session but are not required.  

  3. Contactless payment can be made using a stored credit card within the Acuity scheduling app

  4. Therapy offices are sanitized regularly and cleaned nightly by professional staff.

Both in-person and teletherapy appointments can be scheduled or modified through the Acuity app, and appointments may be rescheduled by the client without penalty up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session.